Az idén december 12-én kedd este köszönt be az egyik legkedveltebb történelmi emléknapunk, a Hanuka ünnepe. Ettől kezdve nyolc napon át, esténként meggyújtjuk a 8 + 1 ágú gyertyatartón, a hanukai menórán a színes gyertyákat, minden este eggyel többet, mert „szent dolgokban mindig csak növekedni szabad”. Megajándékozzuk egymást, különösen a gyermekeket, s a család együtt tölti az estéket, vacsorával, játékkal, kedves beszélgetéssel. :)
Hanuka minden napján 17:30-kor közös gyertya gyújtás a Bálint Házzal.
Vasárnap a Családi Hanukán gyújtunk.
Hétfőn a lángot Borgula András is velünk lesz mint lángmester.
A gyertyagyújtás helyszíne a szokásos: a Révay utcában várunk Titeket a Ház előtt.


Balint Jewish Community Center is the only one JCC in Hungary. We  has  been offering  programs  for  all  generations  for a number of years.  Dynamic and constant reinvention is part of our strategy in order to provide what is in demand, let it be a new kind of discussion series, new equipment in the fitness room, a new type of cake in the café, an eagerly waited course or  raising funs for less fortunate children.
First of all we are a platform and an open gate for the Jewish community of Buda -pest and Hungary. We help wherever we can and we are looking for the answers – with you.
Our aim is to join forces and achieve more together, since to work alone is not only less fun but also less likely to lead to success.  Let’s talk, have fun and learn together with other generations and with people with other religious background and different views.

Bálint JCC was established in 1994 and it is only 2 minutes walk from the Opera House and the Deak Ferenc square.

The Fitness room and the sauna are located in the “Majré” cellar. The “Éden” playhouse, the “Macesz” and the “Gombóc” rooms (the two be opened into “Maceszgombóc” room) are accessible via the sitting room-like  “Smoosery” on the first floor, just like the “Meló” office.  The courtyard leads to the “Stika” office (for administrative matters), to the IT room called “Ort” and to the Kohn and Grün rooms.

We would be happy to contact You!
You could use the Fitness room wit cardio machines and the sauna or  the "Paradise (Éden)" playground with your child.
You can visit all the programs at Fitness - we have Joga, Taiji, Salsa, Krav-Maga.
You can have a nice lunch at our Sabre Caffé and you can use WIFI here.
We can help you to find important Jewish events and memories and places in Budapest.


Social Responsibility
Our increasingly important aim is to support all of those who are in need. That is why we organized a collection for the children of the Poor, provided platform for the play titled Tollfosztás [Plucking of Feathers] as well as for the photo exhibition Cigány vagyok [I am Gypsy] and hosted the LÁTSZOM! [ I am visible!] – the first Festival of Homeless Artists. We will carry on and extend our activities during the upcoming year.

We are very grateful for all the help you provide (let it be moral or
financial),  this  enables  us  to  fulfill  our  social  and  communal  duties.

Venue here
Our “Paradise (Éden)” playground and “Schmoosery” are popular venues for birthday parties. Other rooms listed in the introduction are also available for rent for various functions (such as weddings, conferences, lessons, product displays, rehearsals, etc)
Ask about the details by email!

Bálint Membership Cards
The special discount card can be used in the house as well as at other locations, please send an email if you are interested in the details.

Sabre Caffé
Hungarian and Israeli dishes, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, soup, hot and cold drinks, snacks, sweets and fruit.
Opened: Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm and in coordination with the programs. Closed on Friday.


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